6 Tips for Choosing Industrial Flooring


Top Carpets & Floors has been named Best Contractor for Continuous Contribution at the SA Flooring Awards for the past 25 years. It goes without saying that we know industrial floor design.

Here are 6 key factors to remember when choosing industrial flooring:

  1. A good industrial floor design must meet your needs, taking into account the movement of people and machinery, the type of manufacturing environment, and the nature of activity taking place, day in and day out. Health and safety are paramount.
  2. There are various combinations and permutations of industrial floor design. It is unlikely that the same flooring choice will suit every area of your business. There are industrial floor design solutions to suit every environment, so make sure your flooring consultant advises you on the best options for each department. Be clear with the consultant about your expectations and what you want out of the flooring. Point out any problem areas with previous industrial floor design you have tried so that, with expert guidance, these can be addressed.
  3. Be clear about installation time. Your business cannot suffer because a flooring project is taking longer than expected. A reputable flooring contractor will ensure that the work is done with the minimum amount of disruption to normal business practices, and that the deadline is met.
  4. You require durable flooring in your industrial setting; flooring with a design that is sturdy – and as hardworking as you are. Good flooring is an investment and, once it is installed, you should be able to forget about it for years to come.
  5. The world is environmentally conscious today. Industries that are not run the risk of losing customers to those with a greener conscience. Top Carpets & Floors holds its manufacturers and suppliers to a very high standard when considering environmental impact. Ask your industrial floor design consultant about their company’s “green journey” and how environmentally friendly their products are. You will be wise to make the sustainable, green choice in industrial floor design.
  6. Any industrial floor design company worth its salt will showcase its successes in a portfolio. Not only is this a testament to a good track record, but a wonderful way for you to engage with the consultant and share ideas. You will be amazed at the advancements in industrial floor design, so our advice is to keep an open mind.

A modern industrial floor design must portray longevity, safety, quality, functionality and eco-friendliness. It must be moisture-resistant, quick to install, and look beautiful too. Let us take your business to the next level with expert advice. Contact Top Carpets & Floors today.

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