Retail Flooring: Put Your Money Where Your Shoppers’ Shoes Are


Top Carpets & Floors understands commercial installations of flooring. Our comprehensive product range has been installed in projects across commercial locations, including numerous neighbourhood malls.

We know that developers want options, durability, style, and ease of installation. All these factors are at your fingertips, should you consult with one of our professionals about a flooring installation in a mall, or any other commercial institution.

Our association with leading brands in the flooring industry and the fact that we are South Africa’s largest flooring company, means that we have great buying power – the savings of which we can pass on to our customers.

The trends in mall and other retail flooring solutions at the moment are very exciting. Manufacturers are astounding us more and more each year with innovation and quality. We are so bold as to say almost nothing is impossible today. Visualise the flooring you want in your mall or shop, and there will be a product to suit your needs.

5 trends in retail flooring that are here to stay:

  1. Retailers want to be noticed in a busy mall environment. At the Commercial Division of Top Carpets & Floors, we have seen an increased demand for better quality and innovative flooring solutions from retailers. They want their brand to stand out and have therefore realised that flooring is a great way to achieve this.
  2. Mall tenants are no longer restricted, as in the past, by having to fit in with the overall look and feel of the flooring in the centre. Developers have realised that flooring is an individualised enhancement which speaks hugely to a company’s brand.
  3. The practicalities of maintaining a floor in a mall are an important consideration. This is why flooring like luxury vinyl tiles and laminate flooring are popular choices. The ease of maintenance and the durable nature, as well as the wide variety of styles and designs these flooring solutions offer, make them the logical choice for a mall environment.
  4. Reclaimed and rustic looks remain popular with retailers, which can easily be achieved with laminate flooring and luxury vinyl tiles. The advancements in laminate flooring over the years have consistently shown their worth in commercial applications.
  5. The lifecycle of flooring matters – immensely. Mall retailers should expect nothing less than a 10-year lifespan from the floor they install. This means flooring that is easy to maintain and clean, shows little wear, and stands up to heavy foot traffic. Established brands do not want the headache of re-flooring stores in malls across the country every couple of years.

Whatever your need for retail flooring, contact the Commercial Division of Top Carpets & Floors for expert advice.

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