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Why is LVT such a popular flooring choice in the commercial world? Quite simply, it is the versatility of LVT that makes it the ideal choice in commercial settings. Think retail, hospitality, healthcare, corporate offices, and educational centres. Developers and designers have taken notice of LVT for commercial use a long time ago. Let us look at retail, for example. Today, shopping is not just shopping. Developers are striving to create an experience for shoppers; something tangible and lasting. Flooring speaks volumes in this regard.

Commercial developers are also after durability; a flooring product that will stand the test of time both in terms of aesthetic appeal and maintenance. LVT comfortably ticks both these boxes. LVT in a commercial setting provides the affordability, durability and easy maintenance factor that is hard to beat in the flooring world. The biggest bonus for commercial trendsetters is, of course, the fact that they can create the appearance of natural hardwood or stone with LVT, without the hefty price tag of the real thing. LVT makes it easy to translate a vision into a stunning flooring design, affordably.

In our experience, manufacturers are going to great lengths to emulate natural materials in the most realistic ways possible. After all, they know nobody wants a floor that looks artificial, so they have ensured that they impress with stunning innovations that draw inspiration from nature. For commercial customers, flexibility is also very important. LVT can easily be custom-designed and installed in customised variations to create a unique final product.

Commercial environments are often harsh and this where LVT also stands out. The ability of LVT to withstand heavy traffic and all the other rigors of a commercial setting, but still look great years down the line, makes it a go-to flooring choice for savvy developers. The value-for-money factor of LVT will ensure that it ranks highly on any designer’s wish list for years to come – LVT is value for money, square metre by square metre.

Take the Top Carpets & Floors Hartford LVT flooring range as a good example. This LVT is purpose-adapted to applications that need to be resistant to dents, and offer superior sound insulation. The flooring is made from polyvinyl chloride with a foam backing on a glass-fibre mat support. The range, which is durable, functional, sustainable and versatile, is the perfect choice for any heavy-use commercial environment, such as the healthcare, retail and hospitality industries. The water-resistant qualities of this range ensure that cleaning up is a breeze, and the antibacterial top coat provides protection against germs.

We stock a wide range of LVT for commercial applications. Give Top Carpets & Floors’ Commercial Division a call today to experience why LVT is a leading commercial flooring solution.

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