Commercial Carpets

Whether it is efficient simplicity you want in the boardroom or modern, stain-resistant commercial carpets in the break rooms and auditorium, carpets are a great way to transform an office space. Moreover, if you choose the right commercial carpets, your brand, image and productivity will get a surprising boost too.

Here are 5 quick ways in which commercial carpets do this for your business:

  1. Employees who appreciate their workplace are more efficient. Quality commercial carpets will give you a quality and professional workplace.
  2. Carpets are great noise insulators, which means that everyone can get more work done.
  3. Commercial carpets are one of the easier flooring coverings to maintain. Regular vacuuming will do the job and if you install the right grade of carpet in high-traffic areas, you will avoid traffic patterns. Should you opt for carpet tiles, these are easy to replace once they start looking a bit worn.
  4. The right commercial carpets send the right message to your staff and stakeholders. They also create the right first impression with prospective customers. Making the right selection is, therefore, very important to instil confidence and pride in your workforce.
  5. Your CFO is bound to agree that commercial carpets are a better financial option than many other flooring solutions. Also, consider the floor preparation and installation some other flooring options can require, which could lead to downtime. This makes commercial carpets a wise and sound investment.

Before you settle on designs for commercial carpets, you should be clear about the functionality of the new carpets in each area you intend to install them. High-traffic areas are common in commercial environments, and these need special care and attention when making your choice of commercial carpets, as you want something that is going to withstand the demands of heavy foot traffic. You also do not want to have to replace a carpet regularly because it looks worn out. High-traffic areas also heighten the potential for dirt and stains. An expert can guide you with regards to which commercial carpets are built for high-traffic areas, and which will remain beautiful and resilient for years to come.

Top Carpets and Floors’ Belgotex SilverCare is a good example of long-lasting carpet protection. The system is comprised of a base of silver icons that penetrates deeply and envelopes the carpet fibres with a protective coat that lasts the lifetime of your carpets. SilverCare acts at the core of the carpet fibres, permanently inhibiting bacteria, reducing odours and eliminating dust mites by destroying their food source.

These are all very important considerations when buying commercial carpets. Employers are highly responsible for their employees’ health and safety at work, so be sure that you are adding to their wellbeing with the installation of quality carpets.

Top Carpets and Floors’ Commercial Division stocks a wide range of carpets for commercial installation, including carpet tiles and planks, from leading manufacturers. For more information, contact us today.

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