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Give your interiors that intangible X-factor with Custom-X flexible flooring solutions from Belgotex Commercial (Nexus).

The new Custom-X catalogue is designed to guide and inspire you to develop your own unique carpet range, ideally suited to the particular performance requirements of each specific application.

Custom-X is a flexible design solution for commercial interiors offering modular carpet tiles that can be tailor-made to your specifications. By manipulating either or both the design and technical aspects of your carpet tile, Custom-X allows you the freedom to modify or develop a range that brings your vision to life, matches any corporate identity and adds that intangible X-factor. Experiment with different patterns and colour combinations, alter the texture by testing various carpet constructions and even play around with different lay-directions to find the perfect combination.

custom-x-1Carpet Construction

The catalogue is organised into three different types of carpet constructions including multi-level loop-pile, cut-pile and loop-pile constructions offering varying degrees of design flexibility and wear characteristics.

Factors to consider when selecting the best construction for your project include not only the variety of designs available, but other critical wear characteristics affecting performance such as where the carpet is to be used, the amount of traffic anticipated, comfort levels required and any budgetary constraints. Your Nexus representative will work with you to recommend the ideal construction for your particular project.

Mix ‘n Match Patterns and Colours

Each different category offers a number of patterns and designs that can be adapted to particular colour schemes or décor concepts in the latest contemporary shades. Raise every fifth line or add an accent colour, accentuate a pattern or section using hi-low variations in pile height, Custom-X allows creative expression of that unique X-factor.

Multi-level loop pile

This category offers the largest selection of patterned textured graphics that will add interesting texture to heavy commercial floors. From traditional stripes to graduated shading, elegant filigree to geometric circles and squares, multi-level loop pile carpets allow you to play with different pile heights within 23 different ranges to create the pattern and texture of your choice.

Six interchangeable colourways including charcoal, grey, beige and brown, blue and red, made from 100% Stainproof SDX allow you to alter the appearance of your carpet by selecting different patterns, pile heights and lay directions.



These ranges offer durable, hardwearing floors with a dense, tightly-knit appearance that retain their appearance and withstand excessive wear and tear. Five subtle designs including thick or thin stripes in contrasting colours that can be changed according to brief, scratched or scored pin-stripes, solid and speckled colours, individual loop pile tufted tiles are ideal for high traffic areas such as hallways, reception areas, and open-plan offices where damaged or worn tiles can easily be replaced.

Lay Directions

Different lay patterns can be used to dramatic effect by placing tiles in different directions to one another including monolithic (same direction), tessellated (at right angles to each other) and ashlar (bricklay formation), depending on the range and design chosen.

Strike Off

Once we’ve agreed on your particular design, you will be shown the overall appearance of the design applied to a large area to demonstrate the effect of the pattern repeat, different installation directions and colour matching and texture “in situ” through various digital visualisations of the carpet. Then we will produce a “strike off” sample for final approval. Following this approval, production will be planned and delivery dates and minimum quantities will be ordered. Bear in mind, minimum quantities apply as follows: 500m2 for loop pile tiles, 800m2 for cut-pile and 500m2 for multi-level loop pile ranges. Also discuss overages and attic stock to ensure you have stock for replacements.

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