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A collection of tufted tile ranges with fashionable patterns for the latest in modern design and décor. Offering patterns of either a light or dark grey base, with the option of ordering accent colours from non-stocking bright shades, Mod Design is suitable for either formal, corporate workspaces or to jazz up cool, trendy interiors. Each pattern has a different pile height, allowing for textured variation when installing more than one design together. Choose between geometric or linear designs, shaded tonal patterns or freestyle squiggles to set the tone and add colour to create a focal point or demarcate an area.


Introduce movement and fun on the floor with free-flowing squiggles that resemble “doodles”. Popular colours or funky patterns hide a multitude of sins in heavy commercial areas, making Atlantis a hardwearing tufted tile that will transform the “concrete jungle” from boring corporate spaces into stimulating commercial zones.



Subtle stripes and a modern striated pattern speak of smart elegance and a foundation for trust, ideal for high flying professional services such as lawyers, bankers and advisors. These textured tufted tiles are available in either light or dark grey backgrounds with accent colours for that added flash of brilliance. Made from Stainproof SDX, this hardworking carpet tile will provide years of trusted service.



This mottled design with plain or colourful pattern in highlight shades means the sky’s the limit for design possibilities. Mix ‘n match tiles and different lay directions for texture and tone in heavy traffic areas and even use them to direct customers to different areas within a commercial space, office or retail environment.



Make a statement in hip and happening heavy commercial areas with big and bold stripes on a light or dark grey background in either light-on-dark or dark-on-light options, combine the two or add a pop of colour with one of the bright and cheerful colourways that are also available in this range. Combine understated with over-the-top sections to stimulate clients, customers and corporates to enter the fray but with the confidence that this hardwearing tufted tile will not let them down.



Give every business a good grounding with the graduated shading of Enterprise in either an airy light grey or a sturdy, definitive dark grey, for up-to-the-minute style. Add one or two punchy coloured patches and you’re guaranteed to grab attention. Ideal for heavy commercial applications including restaurants, retail outlets or civic centres such as libraries or universities. Enterprise provides an interchangeable tufted tile that’s hardwearing and reliable, that can be adapted to any business’s needs.



Hi-tech, fashionable and modern corporations should definitely consider the futuristic, striped vertical lines of Matrix. The sci-fi stripe reminiscent of a data-matrix provides uniformity and direction which can be effectively used to create a sense of order vs chaos depending on the installation direction and size combinations. The varied pile height of the pattern offers added texture and together with a few highlight colours, presents the ideal flooring for forward-thinking organisations.


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